"The things you should have learned in school"

Our Vision

To be an advanced ecosystem for society to continuously evolve with an empowered passionate community and educational platform for a path to success from all walks of life




Our Mission

Fill the gaps in the educational system by providing a reliable new path of endless opportunity, education and growth with progressive tools to own your life

Darren Birks






Mr. Darren Birks suffered the tragedy of losing both his parents well before adulthood. Discovering himself without the safety net of family ignited his demand for a better life on his terms. Mr. Birks sought out successful businessmen and entrepreneurs as mentors. He soaked up their knowledge like a desert soaks up the rain. He continues to pursue knowledge with that same thirst and drive. This demand and drive fueled him to create several successful traditional businesses and opened his mind to the grandeur of possibility that network marketing would afford. His grit and intelligence helped him recognize that network marketing was prime for a new vision and grand disruption. His savvy entrepreneurial mind and global vision to improve the safety net for those people ready to change is the solid foundation for the E-Volution Group.

Mr. David Nieves was raised in a meager home by an incredibly hardworking and loving mother. Her work ethic and diligence instilled the same values in her son. Mr. Nieves created several thriving Zumba studios and a growing personal training clientele. After an accident put him out of work for months, he found himself on the precipice of losing his car and apartment. Through network marketing, Mr. Nieves was not only able to change his future, retire his mother, but was also able to help others create new and different paths for their future. Mr. Nieves saw the challenges of traditional network marketing and recognized the time was NOW to change. He chose to leave a successful and profitable traditional network marketing business to co-found the E-Volution Group and truly help people create ways to generate income that are both innovative and accessible.

Ms. Brooke Stokes was a top wedding planner for 9 years in the Washington D.C area. During this time she wanted to grow in the area of health & fitness. She overcame personal adversity, set big goals and after starting her own fitness & meal prep company she then decided to compete in an NPC fitness competition. Although fitness is one of her passions, she also recognized a global need to help people learn to become better versions of themselves. She embarked fearlessly on this dream and embraced her future as a digital entrepreneur. Her vision was to meet everyone and leave an impact on their hearts, see everything to learn as much as she could and eat everything because truly that is her favorite hobby Ms. Stokes understands the self-discipline required in life and business and strives to continuously grow while sharing what she learns. Her unflagging determination to help people succeed in conjunction with her vision and work ethic dovetailed with her energy and empathy are an integral facet of the E-volution Group.

Mrs. Susanne Shaw, is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. As a professional dog trainer and professional Figure and Physique Competitor Mrs. Shaw understands the strong work ethic needed to thrive in business. When she learned that her nephew would succumb to a rare and fatal cancer her work ethic crashed into the reality of limited time. Through this trying time Mrs. Shaw was able to re-frame her ideas of money, time, and kindness. A promise to her dying nephew to find a way to help people improve their financial options and thus their time. Her passionate has ignited a fierce fire and created a clear vision along with an open mind to help people and propel the E-volution group into greatness.



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